Tips for Getting the Best Settlement for Your Injury Claim

When you are in the process of seeking compensation for the injuries you have suffered following an accident you are in a negotiation process with the insurance company.  Car accident settlement agreements will CLOSE YOUR INJURY COMPENSATION CLAIM.  Once you sign papers (such as a form of discharge) to accept a settlement offer, you cannot ask for additional money, even if other injuries become evident. Once a claim is settled it usually cannot be reopened.

Keep the following tips in mind to ensure that the settlement you receive is fair and reasonable:

  1. Do not blindly accept the first offer.  A quick settlement favors the insurer so be wary of accepting the initial offer.
  2. Know when to consult and engage a lawyer.  Cases almost always benefit from consulting a personal injury lawyer.  A specialist senior injury lawyer can guide you as to what is a good offer and help you navigate the claim process.
  3. Be patient.  This can be difficult when you have medical bills to pay, however, you need to wait until medical experts advise your injuries have stabilised to get the best outcome.  Be sure there are no more damages and injuries.  Remember that you can’t ask for  your case to be reopened once you have signed off on a settlement
  4. Know the value of your claim.  You need to be confident that the insurance settlement amount is fair for the value of your claim.  Include in your claim past and future medical expenses, past and future loss of wages, pain and suffering amongst other losses you incurred.
  5. Have a settlement amount in mind.  Know what your case is worth.  An accurate expression is “You don’t know what you don’t know” and only specialist injury lawyers like Kakulas Legal Injury Lawyers can properly assess the value of your outstanding claim and obtain information to support and increase its value. Once the discussions and negotiations go back and forth, you need to know what your minimum figure is.  Engaging a specialist personal injury lawyer will help you fight to get your maximum compensation and ensure that you are being treated fairly.

Kakulas Legal Injury Lawyers focus on representing accident and injury victims.  We are dedicated to helping clients gain the maximum amount of compensation and navigate the personal injury claim process.  If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident and has made a claim, contact our office on (08) 9325 4799 or 0405 126 732 A/H to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION and learn more about the claim process.

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