Important Things Your Personal Injury Lawyer Needs To Know About Your Claim

Personal injury claims and lawsuits can be extremely complex, from providing fault to assessing damages. For this reason, people who have been injured in an accident hire a personal injury lawyer for help with their claim. The settlement you receive for your personal injury claim is reliant on your actions, evidence and the personal injury lawyer you hire in Western Australia.

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A few important things your personal injury lawyer needs to know:

Discuss everything

Make sure that you discuss everything with your personal injury lawyer including when the injury occurred and what happened after that. Include every conversation you’ve had with the doctors, insurance company or anyone else that may relate or have something to do with the accident or injury.

Keep in mind, it’s important for your personal injury lawyer to know every detail about the injury. Be honest and supply full details of the injury.

Medical issues related to the personal injury

Determining how much your personal injury claim is worth will depend upon the amount of damages that can be proven. Mention or supply details of all your medical issues related to the personal injury. This includes medical bills, dates of work missed due to injury, receipts for repairing damages and receipts for all other expenses incurred as a result of the accident injury.

Make sure that you don’t hide anything related to your injury or health from your doctor. If something doesn’t feel right, you need to let your doctor know. A minor pain in your body could lead to a complication at a later stage. So be honest with your doctor after injury.

Maintain notes after injury

It’s important to keep notes of where the injury occurred, at work or at home? If it was at work, was anyone involved? For how long have you been unable to work because of your personal injury and why?

One of the most important things your personal injury lawyer would want to know is the non-economic damages that occur. This includes compensation for your pain and suffering and emotional distress. Keep a record of how the injuries you have suffered are impacting upon your day to day activities, as well as your overall quality of life.

Your lawyer can use this information as an evidence of how the injuries you’ve suffered in the accident have led to serious financial, physical and emotional losses.

Conversations with people involved

Have any of the other people involved in the injury contacted you? This includes phone calls, text messages or emails some of which may be considered as an admission of fault and may be helpful. Make sure you share the copies of these or any correspondence from the other party when you meet your personal injury lawyer.

Experienced lawyers

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