Why See a Lawyer?

The Insurance Commission cannot provide you with independent advice as it represents the party responsible for the accident.  The Insurance Commission is an insurer, and has its own lawyers protecting its interests.  It is essential that you have your own experienced lawyer working for you to protect your interests.

Why you need a specialist lawyer

Personal injury claims are rarely straightforward and without a specialist on your side you are unlikely to get the best result. Our specialist injury lawyers know how to deal with all the legal issues arising from your claim.  We will ensure you get the best advice and service.

We have represented many people who first thought that they didn’t need a lawyer, but came to realise just how important it is.

When to contact a lawyer

Engaging a lawyer early allows us to make sure all the best evidence is obtained before people forget or details are glossed over. You also have someone to help navigate the process making your life easier.

We recommend you seek legal advice if the Insurance Commission:

Other Claims

Very often people claiming compensation don’t know about other claims they may have.  These extra claims may be available to you, or your family, if you or your employer has an insurance policy to protect you against loss of earnings due to injury or death.  Insurance policies of this nature include income protection insurance, sickness and accident insurance, life insurances and superannuation policies. We recommend you contact us for advice about your entitlements.

Case Studies

Offer Increased Six-Fold

One client who works as an Occupational Therapist for people injured at work negotiated with the Insurance Commission for over 2 years. The Insurance Commission’s initial offer of around $6,000 was increased by her to $18,000. When we negotiated a settlement with the Insurance Commission our client walked away with over $110,000.00 after expenses.

Lawyer’s Offer Doubled

We have also acted for other lawyers. A Family Law Solicitor who negotiated with the Insurance Commission for 2 years before coming to see us ended up with more than double the amount that she had managed to negotiate with the Insurance Commission.


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