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Offer Increased Six-Fold

Patricia Brophy – Occupational Therapist

I was referred to Kakulas Legal by my car insurer RAC.

I was most grateful to RAC for the referral as I ended up so much better off having engaged Peter Kakulas to represent me.

As an Occupational Therapist who has worked to help injured workers get back to work I had experience dealing with insurance companies such as the Insurance Commission.  I realised however that even with all my knowledge of compensation law and how insurance companies operate I was out of my depth and unable to continue to represent myself.

The highest offer I was able to obtain from the Insurance Commission was $18,440 after an initial offer of settlement of my claim of $6,775.00.  I had hoped to settle my claim with the Insurance Commission for around $50,000 and I had made an offer of $55,000 but when the Insurance Commission would not increase I engaged Peter Kakulas.

He immediately reviewed the materials, wrote to the Insurance Commission and wrote to my treating doctors to obtain more medical reports.   Peter Kakulas took a detailed statement from me and advised and guided me throughout the case.  Peter managed to obtain a settlement for me of over $110,000 after all expenses including legal fees had been paid.  I saw Peter Kakulas on 5 occasions and a solicitor in his firm on 5 occasions over less than 2 years. Legal proceedings were commenced in my case out of the District Court and my claim was settled out of Court at a Pre-trial Conference.

I would thoroughly recommend Kakulas Legal as the above outcome is testimony to its results for me.


Joseph N.

My experience of Kakulas Legal exceeded my expectations.

Peter Kakulas proved himself to have a superlative knowledge of personal injury law as well as being very thorough, patient and concise.

As well as being passionate about supporting his client, I found Peter to be people of unusual humanity and integrity.

Despite my claim being rather a specialist affair, as I am a professional musician who had suffered a significant fall, Peter was there for me at every turn.

Kakulas Legal never made promises. Their raison d’être was a relentless pursuit of the evidence that resulted in their negotiating significant six figure sum in my favour.

Best wishes,

Many Thanks

Jan Towley

As my claim draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your hard and diligent work but most of all for your patience.  I realise that I have not always been a delightful client; I have often been short-tempered and impatient, sometimes even downright unpleasant.

I know that you were just doing your job but I thank you for doing that job with a calm and professional manner and I thank you for trying so hard to make a frustrating and difficult process go as smoothly as possible.

Many Thanks.

I cannot thank you enough

Ashley Cooney

I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work to get me the best possible outcome.  I may have been your most stubborn client but I truly appreciate everything you have done both for me and my Mum

Severe Injury - Quadriplegia

Jeremy Baldock

I was involved in a life changing event when a car accident caused me to become a quadriplegic.  I was a passenger in a car which lost control when the driver was speeding.  I pleaded for him to slow down but he didn’t listen.  I wish he had.

After months of rehabilitation and all the fighting to stay positive I thought I had no more fighting to do.  I was wrong.  I had to fight the insurance company.  They wanted to take 25% of my damages because they said I was not wearing a seatbelt as I was found outside of the car.  I was sure I had my seat belt on but they didn’t believe me.  Peter Kakulas believed me and he went to great lengths to prove it.  The Insurance Commission didn’t believe me and so Peter advised we go to trial.  On the third day of my 9 day trial they finally believed me and after a lot of negotiations we agreed to a settlement of my claim.  I got 100% of the agreed damages because Peter Kakulas continued to push the insurance company.  He kept fighting for me.

Motorbike Accident

Natalie Georgeff - Physiotherapist

I love motorbikes and the freedom I enjoy in riding them.  However drivers just don’t seem to see motorcycle riders and I was in an accident where I was hit by a car which turned in front of me.  I suffered serious injuries to my knee and as a physiotherapist I asked another physiotherapist friend of the best lawyer to see for my compensation claim.  My physiotherapist friend and my orthopaedic surgeon BOTH recommended Peter Kakulas.

Kakulas Legal provided an excellent service and result.  I would be more than happy to use Kakulas Legal again or recommend them to anyone needing a motor vehicle compensation lawyer.

Optimal Results

Alice Trend

I was referred to Kakulas by my mum, who was injured in an accident many years ago and was impressed with the representation she received from Kakulas.  I also was really happy with my representation by Kakulas after being injured in a car accident in 2008.  Aside from the fact I was awarded more than four times the initial offer from ICWA, I felt like they cared about me as a person as well as a client.  They listened carefully to what I was saying and treated me fairly, and that really helped me to make it through medical treatments, insurance claims and settlement, which can be a pretty difficult process.

The settlement reached was above my expectations


Thank you for your wonderful efforts and dedication.

The service was excellent with a great outcome.


I will recommend Kakulas Legal to anyone I know who needs legal advice for a motor vehicle accident personal injury claim.

No Monies Upfront and Reasonable Fees


… I didn’t have to pay any monies up front and Kakulas Legal took their fees out of my settlement award when my case was completed.  I was surprised at how low their fees were considering all the work they did…

Worried About Making A Claim?


I was scared to make a claim at first but when the insurer made things very difficult for me with all the red tape I had to go through just to get treatment I went to Kakulas Legal.  When it came time to finalizing my matter, the result that Kakulas Legal obtained far exceeded my expectations.  I would recommend Kakulas Legal to anyone.

I was embarrassed about making a claim


I was embarrassed about making a claim and being labeled a person on compo but Kakulas Legal explained that my motor vehicle accident claim was confidential.

I was very nervous


I was very nervous of making a claim and unsure what to expect.  My lawyer made the process easy and made me feel at ease.  I was given all the information I needed without all the legal jargon so I could understand where I stood.  They constantly kept me up to date.  Kakulas Legal negotiated a result beyond my expectations.

Not Sure If You Have A Case?


I thought that I didn’t have a claim when the driver who hit me got off the police charges but Peter B. Kakulas looked into it thoroughly and I was astonished when he told me he was certain I would win.  And I did…

Compassion and Understanding

Toby North

After dealing with your firm while a third party claim was resolved, I feel I am qualified to comment on Kakulas Legal.

Not once did I ever feel my concerns were problematic or time wasting.  This is a reflection on your excellent management skills as each of your staff obviously has loyalty to you and your firm and an understanding of the traumas associated with motor vehicle accidents and associated legal issues.

Although on the opposite side of the continent, I became familiar with voices and enjoyed informal chats with various staff members.  Good humour is a central part of the Kakulas culture, particularly when, during my dreadful memory stage, I would triumphantly ring at the correct time, to discover my confusion with dates had struck again!

I am indebted to your kindness and concern for my welfare.  This was especially evident when you were able to suggest assistance for my anxiety before a major operation.  You were also exceptionally kind while I dithered with documents and managed to gently steer me to completing paperwork.

Thank you for your patience, your humour and most importantly, your legal skills, as you negotiated a successful conclusion to my claim.

Each day of my NEW and Blessed life I am grateful for these and other blessing

Nicola B.

Hi Peter, my laptop died last week.  How great it was to phone a friend/IT guy and request help in the purchase of the New baby… words can’t describe how special it feels (as a would be writer and soon to be attending interstate Theta Healing course) to now own my choice of laptop and carry bag.  Computers and laptops in the past being given or second hand and never quite doing the job.  Each day of my NEW and Blessed life I am grateful for these and other blessings… and you and your talented team Peter in achieving this chance at a new life for me.  And the big one… believing in me when I had stopped believing in myself

Your legal team and staff were all friendly and caring


Your legal team and staff were all friendly and caring.  I was made to feel like not just a client, that they have your best interest at heart and will always strive to do what is best for you.

Amazing Staff


Peter Kakulas and all the staff at Kakulas Legal were amazing during a very stressful time

Promptly Returning Calls


Kakulas Legal was the only one of the three law firms that I contacted for help who returned my call immediately.   Since that first contact they have acted for me in a very professional and courteous manner.  With the effect I now suffer from I had found everything to do with my case very stressful.  Kakulas Legal greatly helped with my recovery by taking control of the legal side of my case.

Heart Felt Appreciation

On behalf of my mum, brother and myself we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Lian Hall and the wonderful staff of Kakulas Legal. You helped us out when we needed it the most and when no one else gave us a fair go. You went above and beyond and we are humbly grateful for everything you did for us. Once again thankyou for all your help and support with our case its not everyday you come across people who are willing to go out of their way to help you out when you have more than enough on your plates already, we will be forever grateful. 

Great Work


I would like to thank team Kakulas for great work .
After engaging with Stephen Brown at first,I decided to give Kakulas Lawyers  a chance. Stephen Brown told me that my claim was worth only X amount, luckily I had found Kakulas which had gotten me an outcome which was 5x more than initially expected. Amazing work done by the team at Kakulas during every step of the way. Highly recommend


Thank You for your Company’s Services

Troy Hughes

Firstly, thank you for your company’s services over the last 4 years.  This process was utterly unfamiliar to my wife and I, and the value of the confidence extended to us in having experienced hands guiding us through it cannot be overstated.

I am happy that the case has been resolved, appreciative of Kakulas Legal services, and pleased with the outcome.  I would warmly recommend Kakulas to others in a similar position.


Great representatives and a great result

Sharman Ellis

I was injured in a motor vehicle accident and sustained some soft tissue injuries that impacted my life quite significantly. Peter Kakulas represented a claim on my behalf to the Insurance Commission of Western Australia.

Peter was at all times committed and achieved a very favourable result.

I would highly recommend Kakulas Legal to anyone seeking compensation for a motor vehicle accident, as they are friendly people who treat you with respect and honesty and work very hard and obtain the best possible outcome for your claim.

Many thanks

Nicola Sartor

I opened and closed a motor vehicle accident claim with Kakulas legal, and I felt very well and safe throughout the process. Many thanks.

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