Who is the Insurance Commission?

Many people worry about suing the driver responsible for an accident, particularly if the person at fault is a friend or family member.  In the vast majority of cases the insurance company of the person at fault will be paying any compensation.

The Insurance Commission of Western Australia (known as just the “Insurance Commission” or “ICWA”) is a compulsory third party insurer.  The insurer was set up by the Western Australian Government to cover all road users for injuries or fatalities resulting from accidents caused by another person. We all pay for this insurance when we pay our vehicle registration each year.

When an accident occurs it is usually because somebody did the wrong thing and was at fault, or ‘negligent’. For example they might have been travelling too close to another vehicle, or not paying attention, or driving when they were drunk.

The Insurance Commission acts on behalf of the person who caused the accident that caused your injuries.

The Insurance Commission cannot provide you with independent advice as it represents the party responsible for the accident.

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