Why Can’t I Deal With The Insurance Commission of Western Australia Myself?

A lot of people ask us: “why can’t I just deal with the Insurance Commission myself?” This is a sensible question to ask. Most people have made some sort of an insurance claims before – for lost or stolen items, for example.

Unfortunately, motor vehicle accident claims are not quite so straightforward. There is a lot to be considered in your claim, including past and future medical treatment, time off work, pain and suffering, out of pocket expenses, home modifications and interest. Without the experience of a specialist lawyer, it is difficult to know what you can claim and how to go about it!

For example, one of our clients received an offer of $6,000 from the Insurance Commission and, after negotiating the claim by herself, this offer was increased to $18,000. She engaged the advice of Kakulas Legal and, with our expert help, the claim eventually settled for $110,00 (excluding expenses). 

Although the Insurance Commission may seem friendly, it is important to remember that they are actually representing the interests of the person who caused the accident! In fact, the Insurance Commission often engage their own lawyers to look after their interests and minimise your claim. (For more information, see our page ‘Who Are The Insurance Commission?’ 

The claims process is complex, and it is worthwhile to engage a specialist personal injury lawyer to represent you in a personal injury matter. An accident lawyer will be able to negotiate on your behalf and make things simpler for you, so that you can focus on healing. 

If you have been in an accident and would like to discuss your options further, give one of our specialist lawyers a call on (08) 9325 4799.

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