Severe Injury – Quadriplegia

I was involved in a life changing event when a car accident caused me to become a quadriplegic.  I was a passenger in a car which lost control when the driver was speeding.  I pleaded for him to slow down but he didn’t listen.  I wish he had.

After months of rehabilitation and all the fighting to stay positive I thought I had no more fighting to do.  I was wrong.  I had to fight the insurance company.  They wanted to take 25% of my damages because they said I was not wearing a seatbelt as I was found outside of the car.  I was sure I had my seat belt on but they didn’t believe me.  Peter Kakulas believed me and he went to great lengths to prove it.  The Insurance Commission didn’t believe me and so Peter advised we go to trial.  On the third day of my 9 day trial they finally believed me and after a lot of negotiations we agreed to a settlement of my claim.  I got 100% of the agreed damages because Peter Kakulas continued to push the insurance company.  He kept fighting for me.

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