What If I Have Received An Offer from ICWA?

Received an offer from the Insurance Commission of Western Australia?

If you have received an offer of settlement it is important to obtain independent advice to determine if the offer is reasonable or not. Remember ICWA cannot provide you with independent advice. Although ICWA was set up by the Western Australian government to cover all road users, ICWA represents the interests of the party responsible for the accident.

The crucial thing to know is once you accept an offer of settlement, your claim is finalised. Finished. Never to be re-opened. Not if you have further pain. Not if you require further expensive medical procedures related to the accident. Even if your case is worth far more than your settlement amount. See the FAQ “What if I have already received an offer from the Insurance Commission”.

It is critical to know if the settlement offer provided to you by ICWA is fair for you. If you contact one of our senior compensation lawyers, we will assess your offer, looking at your medical reports and individual circumstances. We will then give you our expert advice on if the offer received is reasonable for you.

If our expert opinion is that we can get you a better offer of settlement we will let you know. We will then prepare your claim and negotiate with the insurer on your behalf.

At Kakulas Legal, we guarantee not to charge any solicitor client fees if the offer from ICWA is not increased as a result of us having acted for you. We are that confident. Our past experience is that we will get you an increased settlement amount, ensuring that nothing is left out, as a result of having us act for you. See the Testimonial “Offer increased 6 fold”.

See the ICWA Claims Process and give us a call, if you have any queries. We are happy to help!

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