What Kind of Injuries Do You Have Experience With?

We have represented people with a wide variety of injuries. These include but are not limited to:

  • whiplash injuries;
  • soft tissue injuries;
  • broken/fractured arms and legs;
  • shoulder injuries;
  • neck/spinal/back injuries;
  • head injuries (including acquired brain injuries);
  • paraplegia and quadriplegia;
  • amputations; and
  • fatalities.

We advise on all injuries, including ones that you might assume are not important to your claim. Sometimes injuries can cause problems in the future but the lawyers at Kakulas Legal have the experience to ensure your claim includes everything it can.

We have extensive experience with severe injuries such as acquired brain injury, quadriplegia / paraplegia and amputations and can assist you not just with monetary compensation but also the practicalities or day to day living following these injuries.

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