What If I Have Already Received An Offer From The Insurance Commission?

This is a great time to come and see us for some advice.

If you contact Kakulas Legal we will assess the offer and the details of the case and we can let you know if the offer is reasonable or not.

If we think we can help you to do better for you, then we can prepare the claim and negotiate an appropriate offer or represent you in court proceedings.

We guarantee not to charge solicitor client fees if the offer/payout is not increased as a result of having Kakulas Legal act for you.

Remember that if you accept an offer of settlement then your claim is finalised and is not able to be re-opened – even if you accepted far less than the claim was worth.

It is our experience that settlement offers by the insurance companies made to insured parties acting without legal representation are very rarely reasonable and that the insurance company’s offers will increase after Kakulas Legal are engaged to act for an injured claimant.

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