What If An Accident Has Affected My Mental Health?

Unfortunately, many of our clients sustain injuries that are not purely physical. Accidents often leave ‘invisible injuries’ such as a fear of driving, panic attacks, anxiety, depression and chronic fatigue. Sometimes these can be linked to physical injuries sustained: it can be overwhelming to be physically injured so suddenly, and emotionally difficult to deal with pain and time off work.

Luckily, the law provides just as much support for our psychological health as it does our physical health. If a motor vehicle accident has caused or exacerbated mental health problems, you are entitled to make a claim for all associated expenses including GP visits, psychological treatment and medication.

In fact, we have even helped clients to make successful claims when they sustained no physical injuries at all.

If you feel that your mental health is suffering after an accident, it is very important to discuss treatment options with your GP. They will work with you to establish a Mental Health Plan and ensure you get appropriate treatment, whether that be by prescription medication or referral to a specialist.

When making a personal injury claim, seeing lawyers with extensive experience is the best way to make sure that every aspect of your health is looked after. If you would like to make a time to speak to one of our specialist lawyers about a motor vehicle accident claim, give us a call on 9325 4799.

Note: If you are feeling depressed or at risk of self-harm, please see Beyond Blue  or telephone Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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