Compassion and Understanding

After dealing with your firm while a third party claim was resolved, I feel I am qualified to comment on Kakulas Legal.

Not once did I ever feel my concerns were problematic or time wasting.  This is a reflection on your excellent management skills as each of your staff obviously has loyalty to you and your firm and an understanding of the traumas associated with motor vehicle accidents and associated legal issues.

Although on the opposite side of the continent, I became familiar with voices and enjoyed informal chats with various staff members.  Good humour is a central part of the Kakulas culture, particularly when, during my dreadful memory stage, I would triumphantly ring at the correct time, to discover my confusion with dates had struck again!

I am indebted to your kindness and concern for my welfare.  This was especially evident when you were able to suggest assistance for my anxiety before a major operation.  You were also exceptionally kind while I dithered with documents and managed to gently steer me to completing paperwork.

Thank you for your patience, your humour and most importantly, your legal skills, as you negotiated a successful conclusion to my claim.

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