Injured in an Accident? Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

If you have made a claim for compensation following a motor vehicle accident you’ll already know how confusing and stressful the process can be. Most people don’t even know that the Insurance Commission of WA exists, until they have to deal with its officers at the same time as struggling with their injuries and medical treatment. It’s no wonder that most people find this difficult!

A personal injury lawyer who specialises in motor vehicle accidents, as we do, can help you navigate this potential minefield. Here are just some of the ways that we can help:

  • Ensure you never have to speak to the Insurance Commission’s officers or lawyers again
  • Make sure that the Insurance Commission has the right documentation to begin to process your claim
  • Speak to witnesses about the accident
  • Give you an outline of how your claim will progress so that you know what’s going to happen
  • Let you know what you can claim
  • Let you know what records you need to keep
  • Make sure that none of your injuries are forgotten or ignored
  • Obtain medical and other evidence to increase the value of your claim throughout the length of your claim
  • Obtain interim or advance payments if you’ve suffered a severe injury
  • Advise you of the likely amount of your claim
  • Negotiate the settlement of your claim – we are very good negotiators and have been doing it for many years. Excellent negotiations can make a big difference to the amount.

Having a specialist personal injury lawyer helping you every step of the way will free up your time to focus on your recovery while we focus on your claim and dealing with the Insurance Commission.

Some people tell us that the person they are dealing with at the Insurance Commission is very helpful. While that’s great, and some individuals at the Insurance Commission will help you if they can, it’s really important to remember that the Insurance Commission’s ultimate goal is to minimise the amount it pays out. It may hire its own lawyer to make sure that you get as little money as possible and the only way to counter this is to have your own specialist personal injury lawyer fighting on your side.

Any lawyer is better than none at all but remember, a lawyer who does a ‘little bit of everything’, won’t be able to provide you with the quality or affordable service that a specialist in motor vehicle accident claims can.

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