Personal Injury Lawyers

Important Things Your Personal Injury Lawyer Needs To Know About Your Claim

Personal injury claims and lawsuits can be extremely complex, from providing fault to assessing damages. For this reason, people who have been injured in an accident hire a personal injury lawyer for help with their claim. The settlement you receive … Continued

Tips for Getting the Best Settlement for Your Injury Claim

When you are in the process of seeking compensation for the injuries you have suffered following an accident you are in a negotiation process with the insurance company.  Car accident settlement agreements will CLOSE YOUR INJURY COMPENSATION CLAIM.  Once you … Continued

Thermomix Burns Victims and Getting Advice

Several stories have now surfaced in the media about Australians being badly burnt when using their Thermomix appliances.  Some victims say they were using their Thermomix according to a Thermomix recipe when the lid burst open spraying hot food over the … Continued

How Do They Decide If My Injuries Are Caused By The Accident?

This decision illustrates a familiar problem faced by claimants, lawyers and doctors: if a patient suffers an injury, and later presents with ongoing problems and symptoms in the same body part, are those ongoing problems related to the accident and … Continued

Why Can’t I Deal With The Insurance Commission of Western Australia Myself?

A lot of people ask us: “why can’t I just deal with the Insurance Commission myself?” This is a sensible question to ask. Most people have made some sort of an insurance claims before – for lost or stolen items, … Continued

Quantum Settlement Offers | The Motor Vehicle Injury Lawyers

There are 2 common types of offers. One in relation to fault for the accident which is known as a liability offer and the other regarding a monetary sum for settlement which is known as a quantum settlement offer. In … Continued

‘Tis The Season (For Double Demerits)

As most road users in Perth know, double demerit points apply over holiday periods. The double demerit system means that the penalties for committing some driving offences are doubled over a given number of days. In Western Australia, the offences … Continued

10 Safety Tips for Cyclist on the Road | Kakulas Legal

Dedicated bike paths are always the best option for a cyclist, but it’s rare that a path will take you all the way to your destination. Most cyclists will have to pedal along a road at some point. The following … Continued

Injured in an Accident? Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

If you have made a claim for compensation following a motor vehicle accident you’ll already know how confusing and stressful the process can be. Most people don’t even know that the Insurance Commission of WA exists, until they have to … Continued

Neck or Back Pain following a Car Accident?

Without doubt the most common injury resulting from car accidents is neck and back pain. And the most common cause of spinal injuries presenting at Royal Perth Hospital and Fiona Stanley Hospital is vehicle related trauma – that is accidents … Continued